Scott’s photos


I spent 5 years working in Ethiopia so my photos albums are heavily weighted from my travels in East Africa. Haiti will be my new backdrop. Unfortunately the press only covers the ugliness of the war, famine, and politics in these regions. But it’s very easy to look beyond to the beautiful people, landscape, and wildlife.

I lived in Benin for three years but being prior to the digital age, many of my negatives were ruined by the tropical heat and humidity. I still have a long way to go with transferring the prints to digital.

I also had the opportunity to make a “heritage tour” to Estonia, travel to Italy for my parent’s 50th anniversary, take family vacations in Turkey, Egypt, and South Africa and even fit in a vacation to Costa Rica before the move to Africa. I got the travel bug from my parents who never sit still; the photography bug (or virus?) came at an early age from my father.

Rarely do I go anywhere without one of my cameras. To the embarrassment of my family, I usually go with ALL of my cameras.

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